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Fallen Order: A Single Player Success Story

A single player Star Wars game of this quality has not been seen in many, many years. For those of us who played Jedi Knight, Republic Commando or KOTOR, it felt like a day that was too long in coming. Sure, there have been some more recent games that were met with joy and acclaim, like The Force Unleashed, but a true single player Star Wars game across multiple platforms has always had a hungry audience, and probably will for years to come. It’s good news, then, that Fallen Order is good enough to whet the appetite.

Drugs, Fire and Cannibalism: Rimworld is the World’s Wildest Ant Farm

The landscape is silent. Maybe it’s a desert, or a boreal forest, or even a swamp. Apart from a few animals and maybe a bit of wind, there’s nobody around in this pristine patch of wilderness. Suddenly, there’s a roaring sound, and three shiny metal pods descend from the sky and gently touch down. Within are three colonists and some meager supplies, here to thrive or die as best they can on an uncharted planet. Only your direction can help them survive. This is Rimworld, an immensely popular colony simulator released in 2018.

Defend the Breach: Why Blizzard’s Top Players Turned Inward

Activision-Blizzard has been in hot water recently. The undisputed king of the MMO market has been rocked by a lawsuit from the State of California, amid explosive claims about the company’s sexually predatory internal culture. To veterans of the World of Warcraft community, this was a bitter – though not entirely unexpected – revelation. The truth of the matter is that the WoW community has gone through a cultural transformation over the past decade. No game played by adolescent boys can escape some degree of immaturity and ‘toxic’ masculinity, but WoW’s broad appeal has muted its influence by attracting a truly diverse player base. The average WoW player now looks askance at poor social behaviour, even though it was once commonplace.

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